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  • Vision Monday Staff

Marcolin Debuts Timberland Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Timberland’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is inspiring consumers to “live life in motion, choosing adventure every day.”

Specifics: The collection blends authenticity, craftsmanship and innovation to create versatile eyewear that allows the consumer to look and feel their best in both sun and optical styles.

Selling Points: Traditional craftsmanship and contemporary designs are displayed through comfortable, wearable and lightweight frame models that offer the perfect balance of style and protection. The sunglasses not only feature special polarized lenses for high performance and increased sharpness, but also utilize eco-conscious materials wherever possible. Square shapes trade places with oval or round silhouettes, keeping a modern design. Rubberized details are used with acetates, bio-plastics or aluminum alongside all-metal parts. Bright matte colorways are paired with more classic shades to complete the range. Timberland strives to use recycled and renewable resources to help reduce environmental impact, which results in a line of eyewear that is both eco-conscious and stylish.

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