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UNICEF x Montblanc Meisterstück, Writing is a Gift Edition

Since 2004, Montblanc has been in support of UNICEF’s education and literacy programmes, sharing the belief that every child’s human right to learn to read and write. This year, the partnership is reaffirmed with the Montblanc Meisterstück, Writing is a Gift Edition writing instruments, a series that is part of the limited edition Montblanc for UNICEF collection which also includes timepieces, accessories and leather goods, in which the money raised from the purchases of said collection goes towards providing more children access to primary education of a better quality.

The Montblanc for UNICEF collection aims to help improve learning for over five million children around the world. The funds raised will helped UNICEF’s initiatives to support national education quality standards that cover pedagogy, reading and writing, as well as the learning environment, community involvement, infrastructure and measuring of learning outcomes. Besides that, funds will also go towards teacher training programmes, guidance and tools to ensure teachers have the necessary knowledge to deliver quality education to students.

Montblanc’s most iconic writing instrument, the Meisterstück carries a new design inspired by the Rosetta Stone, one of the most significant objects in the history of the written word; It became the key to unlocking the meaning of hieroglyphs, thus understanding the culture of ancient human civilisations. The collection also features the representation of the diverse world languages via six characters: the first letters children learn to write at school in six different languages from around the world – A (Roman), 你 (Chinese), ا (Arabic), あ (Japanese), ㄱㅏ(Korean) and अ (Hindi).

These characters are most prominent upon the Meisterstück Doué Classique Edition, decorated with a mosaic of the alphabet letters that mirror the appearance of the Rosetta stone masterfully etched on the metal cap, which complements with the sleek traditional precious black resin barrel. Available in Fountain Pen Classique with a rhodium-coated Au 750 gold nib, Roller Ball Classique and Ballpoint Classique, each piece is enhanced with the signature single sapphire in UNICEF blue.

Another writing instrument that carries an outstanding design of the characters is the Meisterstück Skeleton 149 Edition, which expresses the motif through the craftsmanship of a platinum-coated three-dimensional skeleton, highlighting the precious blue resin underneath to shine through the elaborate sculptural design. The cap top is made of precious mother-of-pearl and onyx, decorated with a dazzling 2.5 mm blue sapphire, alongside the engraved characters that harmonise with the ones embellished on the Au750 white and yellow-gold nib.

The Meisterstück, Writing is a Gift collection also features more subtle designs upon the writing instruments, such as the Meisterstück Blue Solitaire Edition, with its cap and barrel adorned with the characters engraved on a blue lacquer background punctuated with fine silver colour lines. A generous 1.9mm sapphire sets in the cap top, alongside the choices of a Fountain Pen LeGrand with a bicolour Au 750 gold handcrafted nib, and a Rollerball LeGrand and Ballpoint Midsize.

Lastly, the Meisterstück Precious Resin Edition rounds up the collection with its classic and elegant design of polished black resin for the cap and barrel, contrasting with the platinum-coated fittings. The cap top is engraved with the six characters encircling the single precious blue sapphire, whereas the bicolour Au585 gold handcrafted nib enriches the Montblanc emblem. It is available in Fountain Pen LeGrand, Rollerball LeGrand, Ballpoint Midsize, and in the smaller Fountain Pen Classique, Rollerball Classique and Ballpoint Classique.

The Montblanc Meisterstück, Writing is a Gift Edition writing instruments also come with a special UNICEF blue ink in a glass bottle or in cartridges, as well as refills for roller balls and ballpoint pens, and a complementing lined notebook with a cover embossed with the six featured characters. To top it all off, the design theme of the characters and the UNICEF blue has also been applied to Montblanc’s latest writing innovation, Augmented Paper, which enables the efficiency of digitising work written on real paper, through custom made technology so that it can be organised and shared.

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