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  • VM Staff

National Sunglasses Day Garners 644 Million Impressions and Counting

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—National Sunglasses Day—The Vision Council’s fourth annual campaign to promote the importance of sunwear—went viral again this year with more than 644 million broadcast, online and social media impressions and counting. This year’s impressions surpassed last year’s record of 586 million-plus impressions.

As VMail previously reported, The Vision Council, for the first time, executed a series of broadcasts interviews with Marie Claire senior fashion editor and “E! News” fashion correspondent, Zanna Roberts Rassi, resulting in 30 TV and radio interviews with national outlets such as “The Daily Buzz” and “” as well as various regional outlets. The interviews focused on top-level National Sunglasses Day messaging, the importance of UV eye health and the top summer sunglass trends. The Vision Council also executed two regional broadcast segments with Dr. Justin Bazan, OD, on “CT Style,” and “Let’s Talk Live DC.” National Sunglasses Day also garnered a mention on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and made appearances on, and, among others.

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