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Fragility does not exist…

In the factory that tempers lenses as if they were gemstones and uncovers the common myth about glass.

In 24 hours non-stop, 40,000 pairs of lenses are made and controlled as precious stones. Among the region of Silvi maritime pines (15 kilometers from Pescara), Barberini, a science fiction site, is the only Italian company that produces optical glass lenses, supplying the giants of international eyewear. A niche market that, after the crisis caused by the advent of plastic, has an exponential growth trend due to glass performance.

Polarized, photochromic lenses are found with filters for both infrared and ultraviolet rays, and with anti-reflection and film repellent treatments for oils and liquids. Platinum Glass™ with the use of Terre Rare allows for eye-catching details. The oxides are able to enhance colors and increase contrasts - a kind of built-in Photoshop that allows visual performance implemented through an ad hoc chromatic equalization. "We need to dispel the common myths related to glass: ours is unalterable, has transparency, lightness and maximum strength, cut with diamond tips, becomes thin and at the same time virtually unbreakable" says Gianni Vetrini, of the Barberini group. The proof is in the terrible drop ball test: a steel ball going at a speed of 5 m/sec crashes more than a meter in height on the hardened lens. Making noise like a thousand pieces shattering, yet not a single scratch or mark can be found. From lapping (abrasive polishing) with ceramic oxide paste to the final molding by grinding, the workmanship created is by Barberini: completely made in Italy.

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