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Tom Ford Just Dropped 100 New Lipsticks For “Boys and Girls” Collection

Take a deep breath, because Tom Ford just released 100 new lipsticks in a brand-new collection titled “Boys and Girls.” No, you aren’t dreaming, and yes, you read that number right. The collection, which just dropped this morning and is a riff on a previous collection called “Lips and Boys,” is separated by colors on the tubing and the of range shades.

The “50 Girls” half of the collection comes in white tubing and shimmery shade, while the “50 Boys” half is packaged in dark brown tubes and mostly-matte shades. Though it may seem a little ’50s to separate genders in such a simple way that doesn’t account for all the different gender identities in between and outside men and women, we still think it’s cool that the entire collection isn’t only geared toward (or inspired by) women, and that both sides offer “ultra-rich” finishes in cream, matte, metallic, and sheer.

“Boys and Girls” also incorporates ingredients like soja seed extract, Brazilian murumur butter, and chamomilla flower oil, which all work together to create a smooth, creamy effect. Not only are the lipsticks gorge, but there’s such a wide range of color, from the iridescent blue Lena to the matte dark brown Ben that I already know I’m sacrificing my next paycheck to buy these. But perhaps the best news is that I might not even have to spend it all, because each tube is only $36, which might seem like a lot for one little tube of lip color—but is actually kind of a steal for the quality of Tom Ford. But who am I kidding—I work in journalism, and have you even seen Sex and the City? I will definitely be going without my Whole Foods smoothie for a few weeks to add these to my makeup kit.

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