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  • Simon Jones

Kering Manufacturing Case Dropped

A federal lawsuit in the US which challenged the validity of Kering Eyewear’s ‘Made in Italy’ claims for brands including Gucci and Saint Laurent, has been dropped by the plaintiff, Selima Optique.

The independent eyewear brand, which also has a network of practices around the world, filed the class action complaint in June at a court in Manhattan. The company, which at the time was a customer of Kering, claimed it ‘deliberately and falsely represents that their eyeglasses and sunglasses are “Made in Italy,”’ after it received a package of Saint Laurent frames that were marked with Made in Italy and Made in China.

Kering Eyewear, which disputed the allegations, claiming it was a production and warehousing error, confirmed that the case had been dropped with no payment made to Selima Optique.

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