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Okia presented at MIDO its first 3D printed eyewear collection

Okia launched Frameout, the first 3D printed eyewear collection featuring the revolutionary 360° Hinge, at MIDO 2018. The collection adds small details such as lines, layers and structures that we see every day in our life into the eyewear. Thanks to 360° Hinge – a 360o rotated integrated hinge with worldwide invention patent by Okia which successfully passed a 10,000 times of rotation test – the temple can be bended 45 degrees outward and 25 degrees upward and downward, as well as rotated 360 degrees: this enhances the eyewear’s durability and makes it more valuable. From a design point of view, glasses can be customized and built more easily by 3D printing than by traditional acetate CNC or injection. Developed in partnership with Sfered – an Amsterdam based company specialized in developing advanced technologies for customized eyewear – the new Frameot collection has been conceived by the company from the first sketch to the final 3D printed product. Thanks to a state-of-the-art 3D scanner, it is possible to obtain a high-resolution 3D scan of the customer’s face in just 1 second. Then, by means of the Sfered Platform, a software for the customization of eyewear based on a patented unique technology, adjustments can be made and the 3D scan can be converted into a production file. As soon as the 3D printer receives the production file, a perfect-fitting and tailor-made pair of glasses can be produced.

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