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Main Street Promotes Awareness of May as Healthy Vision Month

The National Eye Institute (NEI) celebrates Healthy Vision Month each May to promote eye health as a priority for the nation. Established in 2003, Healthy Vision Month aims to encourage Americans to protect their sight through proper eye safety practices including a comprehensive dilated eye exam, according to Prevent Blindness. Since its establishment, Healthy Vision Month has taken off, particularly on social media, with independent ECPs constantly posting about different ways to keep good eye health. From urging patients to wear sunglasses, giving dietary tips and giving out valuable medical information, ECPs from across the nation have been active in educating their patients about #HealthyVisionMonth. As VMAIL reported, The Vision Council has also executed a digital eye health media tour for Healthy Vision Month. Justin Bazan, OD, and style expert Jenn Falik conducted a series of broadcast interviews focusing on digital eye strain, its effects on the eyes and overall body, and the solutions available to help alleviate its symptoms. Check out the small compilation below of some posts practices across the country have put on social media in commemoration of Healthy Vision Month.

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