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Social Goods | The Ethics of Wearing Feathers, Fashion's Woman Problem

This week, animal activists focus on feathers on the runway, while a study addresses why fashion is still run mostly by men.

The Ethics of Wearing Feathers (The Guardian) "Their pervasiveness goes some way to explaining why feathers have not rung the same alarm bells in the public consciousness as animal products such as fur and exotic skins." Fashion’s Woman Problem (The New York Times) "Fashion, an industry dominated by women’s wear and buoyed by female dollars, with an image sold by women to women, is still largely run by men. Only 14 percent of major brands are run by a female executive." Can the Model Alliance Respect Programme Make a Difference? (British Vogue) "Led by Model Alliance founder, Sara Ziff, the union calls on brands and agencies to sign a legally binding agreement in order to build an industry defined by safe workplaces and mutual respect." Nordstrom Wants Brands to Embrace the ‘Size Spectrum’ (Digiday) "Nordstrom has raised the stakes. It has made it clear that it’s committed to the size-extension initiative and will be focusing marketing efforts across all of its media on including women of different sizes and body shapes." Racial Diversity in Ad Campaigns Continues to Improve (Fashionista) "Spring 2018's campaigns were the most racially diverse ever: they featured 34 percent non-white models, up from the prior season's 32.8 percent. This marks the second season in a row that ad campaigns have outpaced the runway in terms of racially diverse representation." Glossier Hit With a Lawsuit Alleging It Violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (Racked) "In the suit filed last week, Kathleen Sypert, who is blind, says that she was denied 'goods and services' because she encountered 'multiple access barriers' while navigating Glossier’s site."

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