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  • Robyn Merrett

Kylie Jenner: Outraged Fans Bashed Her For Piercing Stormi’s Ears At Just 5 Months — ‘Ridiculous’

Too soon? Kylie Jenner pierced her 5-month-old baby’s ears and Twitter is mom-shaming her for it! See their harsh reactions here!

Despite vowing to stop sharing photos of Stormi Webster on social media, Kylie Jenner, 20, took to Snapchat on July 11 to share an adorable video and photo of her 5-month-old “angel baby.” However, fans were quick to point out that Stormi’s ears are pierced. “I think there should be an age limit on it. Like you can’t have them done until you’re 13 with parents consent. It’s ridiculous,” one fan expressed on Twitter. “Noooo, why has Kylie Jenner had her 5 month old baby’s ears pierced?!!” another user wrote.

Interestingly, Kylie’s big sis Khloe Kardashian, 34, was slammed just a few days prior after she debuted 2-month-old True Thompson’s pierced ears. “@KhloeKardashian Why would you put your daughter through pain at 2months old to have some stupid studs in her ears! She’s a baby!! I would never dream of piercing my daughter’s ears and she’s 6months if she asks me when she’s older she can. #herdecision #notyours,” one said. While we can understand the uproar, it’s not out of the norm for a baby to have their ear’s pierced.

In fact, some doctors suggest parents pierce their child’s ears as early as two weeks old or after the baby has her first tetanus shot, according to My Pregnancy Baby. Plus, since the child is so young, they’re less likely to remember the pain. “why is Stormi Webster’s pierced ears a big controversial thing? isn’t that like a given? i got my ears pierced so that i can look good for the christening im confused why are there mad articles???” one fan said coming to Kylie’s defense.

“Just don’t pierce YOUR babies ears & let moms who choose to do it do so without being damned. its not a ridiculous thing to have done. There are IMPORTANT things mom needs to-MUST-let their child make the choice on but ear-piercing is harmless. experts and many, many moms AGREE,” another fan fired back. Nevertheless, we think both babies look as cute as ever!

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