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New graphics for Barberini Eyewear website

The new website is a reflection of the eyewear collection: a blend of esthetic appeal, practicality and functionality that will improve users’ navigating experience. The new home page welcomes them with an image slider that’s now full screen. Browsing the home page immediately reveals the mainstays of Barberini Eyewear: – Well-seeing, the fulcrum of the entire project and guiding light for every company choice. Seeing well means having sharp, clear vision and also protecting the eyes and vision wellbeing; – Platinum Glass, the glass lens that encompasses the entire collection and is a guarantee of well-seeing. Navigating continues in the more dynamic section of the website, where a short introduction to “Spect-Actors” opens a window on Barberini Eyewear’s Instagram world for users. But the most important addition is the new “Labels” section. The company has always presented its eyewear collection with focus on the Platinum Glass lens and now the collection is no longer presented by model but by type of lens. This led to eight “Labels”, each with its own personality and function. By accessing the “Lenses” section the vision quality of the various types of Platinum Glass lenses can be tested. The “Stores” section now makes it easier to locate and get to the nearest authorized outlet. The website also has an “Optics Area”, which, in addition to other documents, has detailed technical profiles of each lens. So, opticians will be able to find the lens that most closely meets the specific requirements of individual clients. They can also order regular or prescription sunglasses (Rx), simply by completing an intuitive interface.

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