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  • Kristina Ezhova

Social Goods | Protests at Copenhagen Fashion Week, Nike's Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

This week, a designer protests Denmark's burka ban on the runway, while women file a gender pay discrimination lawsuit against Nike.

Denmark Burka Ban: Designer Protests at Copenhagen Fashion Week (BBC) "Danish designer Reza Etamadi used the runway to make a political statement at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The fashion show for his streetwear label's latest collection MUF10 featured models in burkas and niqabs alongside police officers. It took place just days after Denmark's full-face veil ban came into effect."

Why a Lawsuit Against Nike Could Change Everything — or Nothing (Retail Dive) "By some measures, the company's brand perception has already fallen. Still, the company's most recent quarter showed no signs that sales had been substantially impacted by the news, and the company remains one of the top athletics brands for Gen-Z."

A Former Louis Vuitton Model Found Guilty of Murdering Fellow Male Model (Teen Vogue) "British fashion model George Koh was found guilty of murdering fellow male model Harry Uzoka. Koh, a former Louis Vuitton model, was arrested in January along with two others for stabbing Uzoka in the heart during a heated argument allegedly fuelled by Koh’s jealousy over Uzoka’s successful career."

Are These September Issue Covers a Mark of Fashion’s New Diversity or a One Season Wonder? (The Telegraph) "While these covers should rightly be celebrated, it will be interesting to keep an eye on what happens next. Until the entire fashion industry is more inclusive behind as well as in front of the camera, magazine pages won’t reflect a true cross section of society."

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