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Thélios Releases Another Collection

“It's already over seventy years since Fred's creative and contemporary essence entered the world of high-class jewellery. The "maison" Fred Samuel opened in 1936 in the Rue Royale, Paris, and offered a new line in jewellery, as much in the stylistic approach as in the use of surprising and refined materials. Famous for its jewellery sets made with the most beautiful pearls in the world and its coloured precious stones, the brand definitely established its creative style in 1966 with Force 10, a jewellery collection inspired by the passion of Fred Samuel for the sea, combining plated steel ropes and precious metals.

It is this same concern for detail, elegance and excellence which has inspired, since the origins, the collection of Fred eyewear, designed in the purest French eyewear tradition. Interpreting themes dear to the jeweller's heart, using precious stones and the finest gold and platinum materials, the collection embellishes the eyes of all men and women searching for exceptional eyewear.

Inspired by FRED's most beautiful pieces of jewelry, FRED eyewear captures the elegance and sophistication that can only come from the fashion center of the world

Trying on a pair of FRED eyeglass frames provides the same feeling as slipping on a hand-crafted gold ring, stunning diamond necklace or elegant strand of pearls.”

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