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Kate Middleton & Princess Diana's favourite bag just got an exciting 2019 makeover

The royally-loved bag just got a revamp...

Royal style watchers often compare the Duchess of Cambridge's classic style to that of her late mother-in-law, Diana the Princess of Wales, and we can certainly see why. Both ladies are known for rocking timeless items that stand the test of time; from dress coats to nude high heels, all their looks have a distinctive royal edge. Luxury brand Tod's sell the D-bag, which was named after the mother of Prince William and Harry. And what's more, she often wore the tan version of the tote when she was photographed leaving the gym. Similarly, Duchess Kate owns the bag in grey and it looked great when she was snapped carrying it, coupled with her white trench coat.

Tod's 'D' bag was named after Princess Diana

Well, those clever designers at Tod's have decided to give this timeless arm candy a seriously funky makeover - and we love the finished product.

The Duchess of Cambridge had the same bag in grey

While the original Tod's D Bag is no longer around - you can now say hello to the 'D Styling' bag instead. Designed in a similar shape, you can now purchase it in numerous colourways - from yellow, pink and blue, to smatterings of snakeskin and colour block stripes.

NEW for 2019 - the 'D Styling' bag

Prices start from £1,270 for the mini version and £2050 for the large size.

£1,100, Tod's

Speaking of royally loved handbags - back in 2017, a diamond-encrusted handbag designed exclusively for Diana by her best friend sold at a charity auction.

Diana personally asked Lana Marks to create a 'one off' handbag for her in 1995. Lana came up a dazzling top-handle tote which Diana described as "the most beautiful handbag imaginable".

The princess sent Lana a handwritten thank you note and was so impressed she ended up buying 15 of the bags. Impressive, right? Well, they do say that when you find a style that suits you - buy it in every colour...

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