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Emilio Pucci, the new spring-summer 2019 campaign with Mali Koopman

A campaign for spring-summer 2019 that quickly puts Emilio Pucci's unparalleled fantasies in the foreground. A game of spells and seduction, once again ready to kill hearts.

Years pass, the seasons pass, but the charm of Emilio Pucci doesn't seem to know tiredness. Collection after collection, defilé after defilé, the prestigious Florentine fashion house reveals its timeless alchemies, its suggestions that immediately harpoon the eye according to a code that is always true to itself and yet each time mysteriously new. Irresistibly in step with today's very demanding times.

This last testimony for the 2019 spring-summer season is a strong testimony of this, where the artistic impulse of the photographer Mark Peckmezian meets the delicate and persuasive beauty of Mali Koopman .

A partnership born to celebrate the memorable fantasies of Emilio Pucci - the strong point of course of the whole shooting - that once again sparkle silky, show unmistakable hues, putting into effect a precious game of seductions to which it becomes impossible to resist. To say, even just for a party taken or capricious punctilious, of no.

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