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  • Avery Felman

Diesel Wants You to Be a Follower

For its Spring 2019 campaign, the fashion label ironically celebrates the internet’s followers and fans.

Diesel has come to be known as a pioneer on the forefront of the cutting edge fashion battlefield, staving away such trends as the super tiny glasses in lieu of the classic denim ensemble. It’s undeniable that '90s style has come back into view, particularly with the rise of ironic fashion, otherwise known as previously condemnable fashion brands, perpetuated by the influencers that hype them up.

Its Spring 2019 campaign puts an ironic spin on the typical internet culture reference that has been touted out by brands seeking relevance among their Millennial audience, allowing for nuance to make its way into the overplayed narrative of shallow, technology-obsessed youths. In fact, Diesel allows its brand loyalists and new shoppers alike to make their own judgments about the brand’s witty, provocative, and unapologetically sarcastic take on the impact of influencer culture on fashion.

With the inclusion of popular influencers whose names and Instagram handles can be used interchangeably, Jennifer Grace @thenativefox, Kristen Crawley @kristennoelcrawley, the twins @amixxamiaya and @ayaxxamiaya, Elias Riadi @eliasriadi and Bloody Osiris @bloodyosiris, Diesel demonstrates an understanding of the lives of influencers on and off the internet. The campaign pokes fun at the title that influencers and members of Gen Z, perhaps deservingly, are attributed, as self-absorbed, vapid, slackers, allowing their viewership, many of whom belong to this arguably misunderstood community, to laugh along with their critics.

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