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Gucci Criticized for Cultural Appropriation Over $800 'Indy Turban

Gucci has come under fire for retailing a nearly $800 turban that had previously stoked criticism when it debuted in a runway show.

Critics on Wednesday called out the Italian fashion house for selling the headdress as a high-end accessory divested of its religious significance.

“The Sikh turban is not just a fashion accessory, but it’s also a sacred religious article of faith,” the New York-based Sikh Coalition tweeted Wednesday. “We hope more can be done to recognize this critical context,” the group said, adding #appropriation.

The headpiece, which Gucci calls an “Indy Full Turban,” is currently sold out on Nordstrom’s website. The product listing no longer includes pricing information, but screenshots indicate it was going for $790.

Sikh commentators first criticized Gucci’s turban for cultural appropriation in February last year when it was worn by white runway models at the Milan Fashion Week.

Earlier this year, the Italian fashion house took flack over a controversial sweater. Gucci apologized and withdrew the balaclava sweater, which featured a black turtleneck with big red cut-out lips, after social media users compared it to blackface. The sweater was retailing for $890.

Last December, luxury brand Prada also stopped selling a $550 keychainfollowing criticism that it invoked racist imagery.

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