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The LVMH Group has been active since 2007 with projects aimed at integrating disabled people. As a result, the LVMH Group Maison in Italy have decided to start a partnership with Special Olympics, an international sports training program and athletic competitions for people, children and adults with intellectual disabilities. There are over 170 countries in the world that adopt the Special Olympics program.

It is one of the initiatives promoted by the Corporate Social Responsibility of the LVMH Group whose specific mission is to collaborate with its stakeholders, building lasting relationships of mutual respect and trust by listening to the needs of the various communities.

Through sport, people with intellectual disabilities have the opportunity to discover new strengths, their abilities, and can successfully test themselves. Special Olympics therefore represents the qualified voice in raising the awareness of the whole society to the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics is based in every region of the Italian territory. In preparation for the great 2020 National Summer Games that will take place in Varese and the 2020 Winter National Games that will take place in Sappada, this year there will be some seasonal events that we list here on the side, which will be excellent opportunities to get closer to the movement, both individually than in a group. Other seasonal events will be offered to you during the year.

Interested parties can sign up by sending an email to Volunteers@specialolympics. It stating their respective Maison, activity and chosen location to make a first acquaintance.

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