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On Thursday, June 13th, KENZO will open the doors to its first New York City store. The brightly colored, cheerful space will be located in the glitzy Hudson Yards, Manhattan’s premiere retail space which is already home to a number of brands, including the likes of Dior and Fendi.

The store was designed with the help of Italian architect Fabrizio Casiraghi, with whom the brand has been working since 2017. Iits concept was modified specifically to suit its Hudson Yards location. The 1500 square foot structure will showcase KENZO’s Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections, in addition to accessories and footwear. Also featured, and exclusive to the Hudson Yards store, will be the brand’s new TALI, short for “talisman”, accessories collection. Like the space itself, the TALI line, first introduced at KENZO’s Fall/Winter 2013-2014 runway show, features a vast array of bold color variations.

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The New York City store, along with a recently-launched Las Vegas outpost, will be the first of several new brick and mortar stores, which are set to open in various locations across the country. Forthcoming spaces include a Los Angeles venue (coming 2019), and a New York City flagship, set to arrive in 2020.

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