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  • Maya Allen

Why Tom Ford's Métallique Fragrance Is Worth It

Tom Ford—the man, the myth, and the legend—was inducted into the Fragrance Hall of Fame at the 2019 Fragrance Foundation Awards, which was surely an honor for him but is truly unsurprising considering he creates the most supremely sophisticated scents. If you're already a Tom Ford Fragrance devotee, the attractive metallic and gold-plated bottle alone will entice you. But like all things beauty, it's what's on the inside that counts.
Beneath the fancy exterior is a combination of powdery florals, like pink peppercorn, heliotrope, and balsam. Yet a whiff won't remind you of your grandmother's rose garden; more like a vacation on the dreamy coastline of Monaco. It's peppery, crisp, and light-as-air. Not to worry, the contrasting notes aren't overpowering: The exotic notes of white blossom, bergamot, vanilla, and sandalwood create a complex finish that's breathable and inviting.
"You smell good"—three magic words that affirm you have your life together. By that I mean enough time in the morning to spritz on a complementary scent. Fragrance is an invisible accessory. Before I was old enough to buy a scent of my own and only had a piggy bank to my name, I'd sneak into my mom's room and spritz myself with her all-time favorite: Tom Ford Black Orchid ($128). To this day, I even wear specific scents to bed because they help me sleep better.
Since being introduced to Black Orchid as a girl, I've looked forward to each addition to Ford's prestigious lineup. I'm not easy to please, though, and this is the first powdery fragrance I've actually loved. Although Métallique technically falls into the floral family, I don't smell flowers at all when I wear it. Warm, woody notes of balsam from Peru, layered with comforting notes of vanilla and creamy sandalwood are what I pick up instead. (Scent smells differently on everyone—the unique blends of our bodily juices customize the way scent lingers on the skin.)
I've found myself reaching for Metallique when anxiety's attempting to get the best of me. I put my wrist to my nose and its warm embrace soothes my nerves and reminds me to breathe easy. Scent interpretations vary, but I guarantee this new gem will positively affect your mood in some way. It's the sort of perfume I'd recommend spritzing before a speaking engagement, job interview, or a packed Monday. You can thank me when you get that promotion.
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