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  • Martino Carrera

Diesel Mocks ‘Wardrobing’ Phenomenon With Fall Ad Campaign

The act of purchasing, wearing and returning fashion pieces is being ridiculed with images and videos.

The Diesel "Enjoy Before Returning" fall 2019 ad campaign.

Courtesy Photo.

Over the years, Diesel has become synonymous with provocative advertisements often questioning fashion industry-related trend topics.

In yet another tongue-in-cheek move, the Italian fashion label is putting the wardrobing phenomenon at the center of its fall 2019 ad campaign. A rising form of return fraud, it describes the act of purchasing an item, especially in the fashion category, wearing it before returning it as unused to the store for a full refund.

Dubbed “Enjoy Before Returning,” the campaign, which breaks internationally on Thursday aims to address the issue from an upturned perspective, highlighting the fun aspect of it rather than chastising it.

Lensed by Italian photographer Angelo Pennetta, the images depicts wardrobers enjoying a night out at the club, eating fries at a diner and stepping out of a yellow cab outfitted in Diesel’s fall pieces — each one displaying the price tag.

In a statement, the company clarifies it “does not condone the act,” which is reportedly affecting retailers worldwide. A study conducted by the U.S. National Retail Federation states that in 2018, 31.8 percent of the retailers interviewed experienced return fraud in the form of wardrobing.

The campaign is flanked by an irreverent video realized by New York-based directing duo Similar But Different. In it the cast of night owls is seen getting ready for a night out in the city, proudly outfitted in the brand’s fashion and accessories, as well as ironing clothes and creased paper tags purportedly before returning them.

A voiceover repeats Diesel’s return policy, to the beat of an uptempo music. “Any item acquired can be returned with all tags attached and in their original packaging,” the voice states. “Items have to be returned with the labels in order to be accepted, so in case of buying, wearing and returning clothes remember to enjoy before returning,” it says ironically.

Marking the global launch of the campaign, Diesel will host a party during London Fashion Week on Sept. 13 at the Laylow club, north of Notting Hill.

The Diesel “Enjoy Before Returning” fall 2019 ad campaign. Courtesy Photo.

As of late, Diesel has been refreshing its irreverent campaigns each season. For example, last spring it questioned the lives of influencers and their followers to look at today’s social media-related habits from an unusual perspective.

Last year, Renzo Rosso showed up at the Maison Margiela Artisanal show wearing a T-shirt that said “Haute Couture” — only with the “u” crossed out so it read “Hate Couture,” addressing social media’s trolling and haters’ culture.

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