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  • Dale Arden Chong

Guess introduces sustainability initiative with Guess Eco collection

As sustainability becomes a more prominent movement in the fashion industry, brands are beginning to take initiatives for a more environmentally friendly production output. Case in point: Guess’s Guess Eco collection. The collection, which includes clothing for both men and women, is made up of environmentally conscious manufacturing materials.

According to the brand, the Guess Eco collection is a part of the brand’s goal to develop 25 percent of its denim and source 20 percent o its materials according to the Guess Eco by 2021. Though Guess Eco initially started in 2016 in Europe, the collection is now available globally each season, beginning with the Fall 2019 collection.

The Guess Eco collection uses water-saving techniques and environmentally friendly methods to procue all of its denim for this season. In addition, non-denim styles are made with Tencel lyocell from Lenzing, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cotton.

“The evolution of the Guess Eco denim to include Tencel x Refibra brings circularity to denim by utilizing cotton scraps without compromising quality or aesthetics,” said Tricia Carey, the director of global business development at Lenzing. “With the technology in fiber developments, Guess is on a path to reduce its environmental footprint. We are pleased to partner with Guess as they raise customer awareness with educational messages across digital and retail platforms.”

The Guess Eco collection is available online at Guess’s website as well as the company’s retail locations.

Images: Courtesy of Guess

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