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  • Kay Chan

Whose jewels have made Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco, excited?

It is both Oscar-winning and the life of Monaco's Grace Kelly. Her noble appearance, her words and deeds, and even the costumes she once wore, are still sought after. In addition to her lace dress, the handbag named after her, Grace is also a favorite of France's top jewelry brand Fred Paris. In 1936, Fred Samuel founded Fred Paris. From the present day to today, the granddaughter Valerie Samuel, the brand's jewellery design is very modern and unique. It teaches Grace Kelly, the Monaco royal family and the people who love beauty today.

Fred Samuel, born in a family of Argentine jewelers, has no connection with jewellery. After the founding of Fred Paris, Fred Samuel created the inspiration for the cheetah, sketching and creating two extremely flexible, intertwined leopard claws, which perfectly transformed the cheetah's elegant posture and became the brand symbol and iconic work. It was this cheetah ring that made Grace Kelly love it. In 1976, when Grace Kelly was a VIP at the opening ceremony of the Fred Paris boutique in Monaco, she was wearing this prestigious jewellery and said to Fred Samuel: "This is my favorite jewel, and I am inseparable from me. ."

In addition to the jewels of Fred Paris, it is the royal jeweler of the Prince of Monaco, so Fred Samuel has a deep feeling for Monaco: "Monte Carlo has added a different brilliance to my career. There, to some extent, my gems regained their brilliance."

In order to reproduce this moving memory, Fred Samuel's granddaughter, also the brand art director Valérie Samuel, re-interpreted the cheetah design this year and launched the Ombre Féline jewelry collection.

The earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants are designed to show the leopard claws overlapping each other, and the lines are beautiful, showing the charming charm of the cheetah. In addition, the top-grade gold, white diamonds, and pear-shaped diamonds are swayed in the hands and feet, and they are graceful and elegant, regardless of daily wear or attendance.

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