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Kenzo Plays With Eccentric Bi-Layer Frame Concept In Fall/Winter 2019 Eyewear Collection

Kenzo has recently launched its latest Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

This time, Kenzo introduces the concept of bi-layer frame for both optical and sunglasses—coming in different forms and colors. It sees a simpler design but still manages to bring out the brand’s signature eccentric, bold, and colorful aesthetic.

The first one comes in the shape of a black, thick, and bold frame that’s merged with another contrasting and clear frame layer; making the lenses look like its expanded beyond the frame. Colors are available in crystal clear for both sunglasses and opticals, and a transparent yellow option only available for the sunglasses.

For the lighter and the more out-of-the-box option from the ordinary aviators, the bi-layer frame is also available in the form of an aviator sunglasses; made out of light yet strong metal material with a slim cut that also sees its lenses coming out of the frame. It makes a modern minimalist option with the absence of decorative elements and the subtle appearance of the Kenzo logo at the end of the brace.

Last but not least, and probably the most eccentric model of all, is a sunglass that looks like a pair of eyes complete with a pair of eyebrows. It was made possible by having two lenses put together with the circle-shaped lenses in the center have contrasting colors—made to represent the eyes. Its chicness is further enhanced with eyebrow-like design feature, created with acetate, which not only holds the lenses but also gives the impression as if the person who’s wearing is giving a sharp stare. The model is available in white frame and dark-green/silver mirrored lenses and black frame with silver-mirrored/pink-mirrored lenses.

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