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Celine Has Its Own Haute Perfumerie Now

The Haute Parfumerie fragrances are a perfect expression of the Celine aesthetic in olfactory form: elegant, understated, and the last word in chic.

Should you be looking for a fresh way to express your devotion to the cult of Celine, your moment has arrived. This weekend, the house unveiled its Celine Haute Parfumerie Collection with the grand opening of a dedicated boutique at 390 Rue St-Honoré in Paris. Consider the nine fragrances a perfect crystallization of the Celine aesthetic in olfactory form: They’re elegant, understated, and the last word in chic. Each of the scents were conceptualized by designer Hedi Slimane to hearken back to French perfumery of the 1970s, showcasing emblematic notes and accords from that elevated era, such as oak moss, iris, rose, and chypre. Additionally, all of them share a subtle and mysterious powdery note beloved by Slimane, which leaves a sophisticated, seductive trail.

Though the Haute Parfumerie lineup makes no distinction between traditionally masculine or feminine notes, the fragrances are classed according to whether they feel more appropriate for day or night (it’s also clear there is no obligation to comply with such suggestions). Reptile, for example, is a deep fugue of cedar, pepper, tree moss, and leather that asks to be spritzed on by candlelight; Cologne Francaise is a bright swirl of neroli, fig, and orris ideal for an afternoon stroll through the Tuileries. All relate in some way to Paris, and were sparked by recollections in Slimane’s personal journal, save the bergamot and palo santo-spiked Eau De Californie, which is a tribute to Slimane’s former home on the West Coast.

In the new boutique, the fragrances are arranged among marble and mirrors to dazzling effect alongside other Maison items, such as playing cards, dominoes, and Triomphe monogram leather cases. In other words, you are entering a Celine completist’s dream. The first first nine scents are now available there (as well as at the Madison Avenue flagship in New York, and here), with two more on the way for 2020. We won’t judge you if you feel compelled to collect them all.

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