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  • Dominique Muret

Max & Co. reveals its new image

Max & Co. is renovating in depth. Place with strong colors, like the red that characterizes the new logo of the contemporary line of Max Mara group. This coral red, which serves as the background for the new logo inscribed in moving black letters, now dispenses its energy on the packaging and labels of the brand. Alongside the logo, redesigned by the London studio Made Thought, the label has also revitalized its style and imagined a new store concept.

The project took shape a year and a half ago with the arrival as a brand director of Elia Maramotti, the son of the managing director of the Luigi Maramotti group, who joined the family company. Seven years ago, after studying management at Warwick Business School, England, and professional experience in Hong Kong. At Max Mara, the young Elia first took care of the audit, then of digital retail , to concentrate on the product. At his side at Max & Co. has also arrived a new head of the creative studio. "Max & Co. was launched as a retail brand in 1986, in a period of great vivacity and change. As positioning, it's a more democratic and contemporary linethan our flagship line Max Mara. The idea was to create a style close to the real woman, with functional and everyday clothes, easy to wear. We started from these roots by giving it a clearer direction and by working more on the quality of the product, "explains Elia Maramotti at the presentation of the label's new identity on Tuesday in Milan.

In particular, the collection has been streamlined, focusing on Max & Co's key pieces, the sleeve pieces, while defining a precise silhouette. This line, which is aimed at women from all walks of life and all ages, is actually closer to fashion trends.

She has just introduced into her collections "sneakers-socks" hyper comfortable in flashy colors (fluorescent green, pink, red, etc.) at 149 euros. The wool coat Max & Co., Which remains the strong piece of the group, is declined in different models, whose prices range from 350 to 800 euros. The more classic "Runaway" is offered in a wide range of colors and in two different lengths. The dresses are sold from 189 euros. The group obviously wants to invest in this brand. In the spring, he inaugurated in the city of Reggio Emilia, where the headquarters of the Max Mara group is located, a new generation flagship of 400 square meters, the concept of which will be applied to other Max & Co stores, such as Hong Kong, which has just been renovated, and Dubai.Max & Co , which has 400 points of sale, will soon set up a corner at Harrod's in London.

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