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  • Agatha Krasuski

Moncler is Creating New Experiences with House of Genius Concept Stores

Open from now until January, the pop-up shops will be constantly evolving to surprise and engage the consumer.

Photos courtesy of Moncler

After nearly a decade of exploring collaboration with some of the industry's top designers, Moncler unveiled a new model last year that brought this to a new level. Capitalizing on the popularity of creative collaboration to compete in the never-ending race of innovation, Moncler Genius is a creative hub for designers to explore their creativity by reimagining the house's iconic coat. Constantly finding new creatives to contribute their perspectives to the Alpine brand's identity, the new project has been an exciting way to keep the world on its toes about what will be next.

Now, Moncler is celebrating the growing portfolio of its new line through House of Genius, which centers around pop-up stores open from now until January across three cities: Milan, Tokyo, and Paris. In the U.S., Moncler has been celebrating three seasons of Genius as well through a two-week pop-up event in New York inside the Neiman Marcus in Hudson Yards. Alongside the whole collection, special products will be available, all amidst a dynamic installation of artworks that will receive constant updates. Artistic director Francesco Ragazzi imagined the space concept, and it's sure to provide the unexpected as visitors enter an immersive and ever-changing experience that features live programming in addition to its visual allure. In one such event marking the opening, Vanessa Beecroft staged an arrangement of models and ballet dancers throughout the Milan space in a commentary on identity, desire, and fashion. The performance was a hint at what's to come and a projection of the house's collaborative vision into a new artistic medium.

Clockwise from top left: Milan, Paris, Tokyo

The special products include skateboards, bags, and Rubik's cubes, and if you need an alternative to your AirPods, the brand has crafted a pair of headphones. The cities have their own collections as well, ensuring each experience will be different in a myriad of ways. Whether you are looking for some new outerwear or just want to enter a fun shopping environment and pick up some merch, there is something in the House of Genius for everyone, just like how the Genius line itself caters to a range of aesthetics. To celebrate the new pop-up, we're taking a look back at what Moncler Genius has done so far and the special items the stores have on offer.


One House, Different Voices


The eight collections (plus one line for dogs) are headed by a mix of both emerging and established designers. The chosen designers included the likes of Simone Rocha, Palm Angels, Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli, and Richard Quinn (who managed to get Queen Elizabeth II to come to his show in 2018). In the spirit of the house’s motto, “One House, Different Voices,” each designer brings their own distinctive style, pushing the boundaries of wearability and outerwear in unique ways. Skate brand Palm Angels draws inspiration from street art and the LA skateboard scene while Simone Rocha tries to bring back a hyper-femininity that is usually lost in the depths of bulky winter clothing. Craig Green offers an inverse of Simone Rocha: hiding the human form beneath exaggerated winter coats, blurring the line between outerwear and habitat.

1 Moncler Pierpaolo Piccioli

3 Moncler Grenoble

The newest collection to drop, “3 Moncler Grenoble,” comes from the mind of Sandro Mandrino. Mandrino has been in charge of Moncler Grenoble since long before the inception of the brand’s House of Genius. The Grenoble line is a highly technical skiwear line headed by Mandrino since its start in 2011. Because of Grenoble’s technicality, it is its own line within Moncler, but within the House of Genius, Mandrino can exercise his creative freedom. The collection—which dropped November 1—is a psychedelic, Woodstock-meets-Western fever dream that seems almost contradictory to the winter landscape it's meant for.


House of Genius Special Products


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