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Marcolin -- BALLY

The Bally story began with a romantic gesture. In 1850, Swiss manufacturer Carl Franz Bally was on a business trip to Paris and on his final day he remembered his wife had asked him to bring her home a pair of fashionable boots – the only problem was he had completely forgotten to ask her size. He was very surprised to see a stock of thousands of pairs of shoes and boots at the shoe factory warehouse and immediately wondered whether it would not be possible to manufacture these in Switzerland. He decided to buy the entire size run and Frau Bally warmly accepted the two pairs that fitted her. The rest, Carl Franz put on sale in his factory shop, where they instantly sold out.

Recognised for its refined simplicity, the new Bally eyewear collection features sunglasses and optical frames in a modern and classy look, dedicated for men and women who stand out with elegance.

The new collection revives shapes and colours from the 70’s including oversize, pilot and navigator styles, with refined and linear touch characterizing Bally for a modern retro appeal. Occasionally combined a sporty touch for a sophisticated twist, presenting a nonchalant approach to dressing.

The Bally “B” motif creating the metal hinge on eyewear draws inspiration from the iconic TURN LOCK element. A modern interpretation of the twist lock used to secure the cars together on traditional trains, illustrates Bally’s celebration of Swiss heritage. A tradition of quality, a place of change, a new and powerful imagination.

As an essential part of the adventurous brand heritage, the Bally Grip is featured not only in the nose pads, but also as embellishment on the front or temple of the frames. The motif is inspired by the Sparta Grip on the sturdy soles of hiking boots, which were worn also by the first conquerors of the Mount Everest during the expedition in 1953.

Combining rich craftsmanship and a sense of adventure, the collection also features optical frame in the classic shape, slim metal profile with light structure for a simple yet elegant accessories ideal for every occasion, paying tribute to the timeless delicate details of the brand.

Prioritising functionality alongside creative design, the eyewear collection includes Smart Fit models suited to all face shapes as well as Asian Fit frames.

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