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Diesel is introducing a more sustainable future with their brand new Respectful Denim line.

In these uncertain times, it is refreshing and comforting to know that every little helps – and the same can be said for what we’re wearing.

With this and future generations in mind, Diesel have dropped a brand new “respectful denim” line with a dedication to sustainability and times ahead more respectful of the environment.

As part of their SS20 collection, the iconic Italian label are introducing several new “Made In Italy” denim styles, which look and feel exactly the same as their signature premium vintage denim line. Innovative techniques significantly reduce the use of water and chemicals during the production process. Plus, every pair is treated with a minimal amount of GreenScreen certified chemicals.

On offer are three style options for men (the straight-leg D-VIDER and the slim-fit D-STRUKT in two washes), and the straight-leg D-RIFTY for women. Every pair will come with a tag reading: “This Made in Italy garment has been produced responsibly. Using Diesel partners’ innovative techniques, we limited the use of water and chemicals from fabric manufacturing to washing and treatments, making it a respectful denim with Diesel DNA.”

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