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The Celine girl is the ultimate embodiment of the cool, Parisian-girl nonchalance. She wears Celine flared jeans, a blazer, a trench, a culotte skirt, lavalliere blouses and boots, leaving a trail of the Reptile perfume everywhere she passes. She’s effortless yet chic; she’s that friend that always manages to pull a look, and when asked about it, modestly replies, “Oh, this, it’s Celine.”

With a focus on elegant tailoring mixed with vintage ’70s flair of basics, Celine is reinventing their historic house codes in their collection of essentials pieces. Anchored in daywear tailoring and elegant outerwear, the work on emblematic house signatures continues with the Triomphe, Chasseur jacket and other key pieces that reflect Celine’s iconic canons:

1972. Céline Vapiana’s car breaks down on the Place de l’Étoile. Right in front stands the Arc de Triomphe. However, it is not the monuments that hold her attention but the chain that surrounds the monument. The inside of the double links represents two C’s. The founder of the house of Celine instantly adopts it as an emblem. Shortly after, she uses it on bags, jewels, prints and shoes.

V collaborated with collage artist Karin Bar to capture Celine Essentials: key styles of the moment along with permanent pieces incorporated into the collection each season. Everything included is available for purchase online now at

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