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Now in its fourth iteration, the Loewe Paula’s Ibiza capsule is a full-fledged collection of summer essentials. Inspired by the languorous days and hedonistic nights of life in the Balearic Islands, it is an ode to dressing up for downtime, filled with breezy, bohemian pieces and playful prints galore—elevated beyond your standard resort and festival fare thanks to Jonathan Anderson’s directional approach to building a wardrobe and his signature eye-catching twists.

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza 2020 Photo: Elton Chong

As always with the Loewe Paula’s Ibiza collections, prints are a highlight—drawn from the exuberant archives of Paula’s founders Armin Heinemann and Stuart Rudnick. This time around, there are mermaids frolicking amidst coral, and water lilies with goldfish darting around them. These were rounded out with staple leisurewear motifs such as tie-dye, shirting stripes, madras checks, and 1970s-style graphic logos. There is even a pattern pieced together from old rave fliers.

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza 2020 Photo: Elton Chong

The House complements the expansive ready-to-wear with an equally hefty range of accessories: from bucket bags, drawstring pouches, and oversize totes, all the way to straw baskets, nifty zip clutches and hands-free cross-body carriers. There is also a fair share of whimsical conversation-starter pieces. In keeping with the aquatic theme, the Loewe Paula’s Ibiza ones come in the form of seashells, dolphins, blowfish, whales and octopuses. Earrings and charms take the shape of seahorses and starfish, while irreverent extras such as a foldable fan in tasselled, perforated calfskin up both the playfulness and luxe factor.

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza 2020 Photo: Elton Chong

The House’s virtuosity with craft comes through the strongest in the complex construction of its popular Puzzle, Hammock and Balloon bags, given a fresh summer spin as Anderson reimagines them in Paula’s prints. Evidence of the hand can also be seen in the basket bags—one of spring/summer 2020’s biggest trends—which are made from palm fronds and wild reeds that have been dyed, spun and woven.

This emphasis on the artisanal is what sets Loewe apart and serves as a through line in all its disparate projects. As Anderson pushes his runway collections in an increasingly polished, grown-up direction, he is also fleshing out the other strands of the Loewe universe—each speaking to a different audience, but rooted in the same language of reverence for craft and heritage, and all updated in a truly modern lingo.

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza 2020 Photo: Jeffrey Yan

There is Eye/Loewe/Nature, an athleisure-inspired line that skews sportier and younger. The annual Holiday collections celebrating the works of Arts and Crafts masters such as William de Morgan and Charles Rennie Mackintosh appeal to more esoteric and maximalist tastes, while the Loewe Paula’s Ibiza collections open that universe up to pleasure seekers and sun worshippers. And in these times of chaos and contagion, who wouldn’t want to let a little sunshine in?

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