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  • Tonia Tzaferi

Swarovski Eyewear 2020: Sunglasses full of sparkles

The vibrant colors are inspired by the rainbow

How would you like to wear a pair of sunglasses, which in addition to excellent quality and protection from the sun, also has shiny details that make a difference and steal the show?

Swarovski is well aware of how to impress and in addition to its jewelry, it presents the new collection of sunglasses, which have piqued the interest of the market. In the collection you can of course find eyeglasses in classic and modern designs that will give this extra touch and shine that you are looking for.

As the company characteristically announced: "This season, Swarovski Eyewear offers women the opportunity to see their world in a different way, thanks to the amazing and dazzling A / C 2020 Glass Collection.

Our new collection includes a wide range of new designs - all of which emit the characteristic Swarovski glow - in timeless shapes, which combine dazzling new details with modern trends. The new colors that draw inspiration from the rainbow, are compensated exquisitely by black, a color that is always in fashion. The collection also includes designs in soft shades, while the details of Swarovski crystals in each design, enhance the shine and take off the style of these glasses ".

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