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The Swiss brand is reminiscing over almost 170 years of history.

In honor of their upcoming 170th anniversary in 2021, Bally has designed a compendious and illustrated alphabet dubbed Bally A-Z. This series is comprised of the Swiss luxury house’s expansive history since 1851, featuring sentimental tales and anecdotes from the past, as well as Bally’s overall devotion to the art of creation.

From the origin story of founder Carl Franz Bally and his wife Cecyle, or “C”, to graphics that pay homage to renowned artists like Bernard Villemot and Emil Cardinaux, Bally A-Z encompasses the foundation and unique fundamentals of Bally.

Notable contributors to Bally A-Z include Lennard Kok, Abbey Lossing, George Wylesol, Bryce Wymer, and duo Nina Wehrle and Evelyne Laube of “It’s Raining Elephants.” Each artist combines their distinct style into an immersive collaboration exploring Bally’s heritage and themes, including nature and the “eye for the essential.”

New letters will be released on the official Bally Instagram every Wednesday. Check out a preview of Bally A-Z below:

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