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Rimowa moves into the accessories space with a new eyewear collection

The luxury luggage brand is introducing yet another travel essential.

When it comes to innovative ways to reimagine travel accessories, there are few brands in the category that continue to surprise and delight us over and over with their new releases. Frequent flyers can attest to the fact that their travel companions could make or break a trip, so accessories that are functional at their core, but aesthetically harmonious with their vacation or work trip looks, are key.

Having collaborated with the likes of Fendi, Aesop, Off-White and Moncler, in addition to maintaining best-seller status in its own right, luxury luggage brand Rimowa is adding to its already lust-worthy travel accessory offering with a brand new eyewear collection.

Borrowing signature finishes, including grooves and rivets, from its luggage counterparts, Rimowa’s eyewear range will have brand devotees switching out their existing frames for ones which promise the same functionality, comfort, and lightweight feel as the baggage they tote around.

Giving us a little insider knowledge into what we can expect from Rimowa’s take on eyewear, the brand’s chief marketing officer, Emelie De Vitis, sees the pieces forming part of a new generation of travel tools. “[The] collection was engineered from the finest materials with travellers and movement in mind,” shares De Vitis, adding that each style remains true to the brand's ethos of functional luxury.

De Vitis also adds that the newly-introduced accessories “pay particular attention to timeless contemporary silhouettes, lightweight construction, and lasting durability, all time-honoured hallmarks of the German house.”

Debuting with its spring/summer 2020 collection, Rimowa’s freshman eyewear collection includes two different sunglass ranges, named Bridge and Rim, and one optical range dubbed Air—perhaps a hint to the brand’s travel roots?—which will be exclusively stocked at a number of opticians.

The collection will feature classic eyewear shapes in a number of different colours, with many of these colours also represented in Rimowa’s suitcase range so you can colour-coordinate your travel look to your heart's content. Not only is strong sartorial potential on offer, but also a sturdy frame, with each Bridge style crafted by overlaying two pieces of mask attached by pins—rest assured, the reinforcement doesn’t mean bulk, proving the perfect travel companion. And for those who consider polarised lenses a non-negotiable, the range also has you covered on that front.

As for the wider range, each style has taken cues from travel-related motifs, including early aviation and pilot essentials. According to De Vitis, what we can expect from Rimowa eyewear is a modernised take on “classic, recognisable styles like the Pilot, Square and Pantos”, each of which are distinguished not only by frame shape, but also the lenses, with both traditional or coloured reflective lenses on offer, De Vitis adding that each style was made with “modern, purposeful travellers” in mind. And if you fall in the camp of those who frequently damage their frames, each piece of Rimowa eyewear comes with a protective pouch or case—talk about impenetrable.

Rimowa’s eyewear range is now available to shop at Rimowa’s Westfield Sydney boutique, with a number of styles now available to view online.

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