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Longines unveils a dazzling optical and sun eyewear collection

Swiss watchmaker Longines employs its aesthetics and technical know-how in timepieces into its first collection of dazzling eyewear.

Inspired by the brand’s traditional values, Longines launches a collection of optical frames and sunglasses for men and women — mirroring the diversity and its expertise in watch-making. It is a collaboration with Marcolin, one of the leading fashion eyewear companies in the world.

Made using the best materials and highest quality glass, these eyepieces reflect the very essence of the winged hourglass brand. The sunglasses are categorised into three segments: ‘Classic’ representing the timeless elegance; ‘Heritage’ on the brand’s rich history; and ‘Sport’ for its continuous quest for innovation and performance.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for Longines, a new medium of expression that allows us to highlight the values of our brand beyond the world of watchmaking. Our collaboration with Marcolin S.p.A has allowed us to offer a line of products in keeping with the identity of our brand. Its expertise in the eyewear sector is a genuine guarantee of quality,” says Matthieu Baumgartner, Vice President of Marketing at Longines.

The lightly tinted lenses make for style-forward eyewear that can be sported casually or as a statement piece. Longines has also kept the shape sleek and unelaborated, patented with utmost simplicity but with close attention to details.

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