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  • Melissa Mae

3 Trends from Max Mara’s Fall/Winter 2022 Runway Show

Taking inspiration from the Alps and Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp, the Max Mara show saw three distinctive trends grace the runway.

When it comes to expressing modernity, it is easy to get carried away with the many trends that are raging in the industry at the moment, but Max Mara has managed to keep it simple and, most importantly, classy.

Titled "Modernist Magic," Ian Griffiths’ collection was designed with two things in mind – the Alps and Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp, whose work was deeply connected to the Dada movement. “The first exhibition I saw in London after the lockdown was Sophie Taeuber-Arp, and what I recognized in her work – apart from the fact that she was a woman, whose work had been forgotten for the last forty years – was a sense of the ability to fuse modernism, which is about rationalism and pragmatism, with a sense of folkloristic fairy-tale magic,” Griffiths said backstage at the show. “That was precisely the ingredient I wanted to inject into this collection.”

Making use of this parallel between the past and the present, Griffiths created a collection of classic Fall/Winter ensembles that added a touch of vibrant modernity to it in the form of whimsical silhouettes, contrasting textures, colors, sizes, and more.

Below, we take a look at three standout trends from the collection.

There was a good mix of autumnal and winter-tonal monochrome fits at the show yesterday. The color scheme made a strong presence with models walking the runway in vibrant yellow, orange, and red ensembles, as well as classier and safer colors like white, grey, and black.

Teddy Bear Fabric

Max Mara has taken its teddy bear coat and repurposed it into pieces for casual wear in the form of skirts, framing tops, and cozy dresses for winter. “Who knew it made a great skirt or a pair of shorts? There’s a sense of playfulness in the collection,” said Griffiths. “That’s one of the elements that speak to what I hope is a sense of magic.”


Inspired by the Alps indeed; Max Mara has taken the face-covering balaclava and turned it into a fashion statement that’s sure to be popular once it hits stores. Designed with modern dressing in mind, the head accessory comes in classy hues to add a tasteful element to winter wear this season.


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