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Matthew Williams' vision for Givenchy is ever-evolving. Under his direction, the luxury label's output has swelled to encompass everything from trim tailoring to slouchy streetwear and Fall/Winter 2022 is another Givenchy milestone.

That is, the LVMH maison's latest co-ed collection maintains plenty of Williams' classic touches, like slim suits with exaggerated accents and slinky, see-through dresses, and loads of leather.

But FW22 sees Givenchy leaning harder into streetwear shapes by way of vintage-washed trompe l'oeil T-shirts that're folded in on themselves to create tricky multi-layered shapes. Baggy, faded denim jeans and matte caps (including brim-bearing balaclavas) reiterate a laidback motif.

Zippered cargo pocket vests, puffy logo'd-up bags, and technical cargo pants underscore Givenchy FW22's youthful 'tude, though it's all refined through muted monochrome shades and svelte silhouettes.

The house's soft leather hobo bags and chunky statement jewelry — think massive pearls and faux piercings aplenty — lent an edge to the dull gleam of leather cargos and texture of layered wool sweaters, creating a subtle visual counterpoint.

It all makes sense on the Givenchy runway. Williams' figure-hugging base layers and tech-meets-trad outerwear were united in their understated tones, creating cohesion among even the most complex stacks of clothing.

Thus, extra shine was given to Givenchy's subtle details, like rounded-off lapels and tiny belts buckled with Williams' signature rollercoaster closure.

Disparate in theme, Williams' Givenchy collections are nevertheless consistent in their modernist ethos, with each subsequent showing that much more demonstrative of the house's brave new future.


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