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50 Cent Joins Gucci Boycott, Burns Designer's Shirt on Instagram

50 Cent is adding more fire to the controversy surrounding best-selling fashion house Gucci.

The 43-year-old musician posted an Instagram video on Wednesday Feb 13 2019 in which he sets fire to a t-shirt from the popular designer. He’s the latest public figure to voice anger at Gucci following the label’s release of a black balaclava sweater that featured cartoonish lips around a cut-out, prompting accusations of blackface. Director Spike Lee and rapper T.I., among others, have called for a boycott of the billion-dollar fashion brand. Gucci has apologized for the design, and said it will improve its cultural sensitivity training.

“I gotta get rid of all the Gucci I have at home,” 50 Cent wrote in a caption. “I’m not supporting their brand anymore.”

In the video, 50 Cent takes a lighter to a white t-shirt with the Gucci logo resting on a wooden hanger. As the shirt burns, he drops it to the ground, atop a pile of other clothing items.

Luckily, the rapper, who has nearly 22 million Instagram followers, took safety precautions.

“We’ve got a bowl of water ready,” a voice says off-camera as the garment goes up in flames.


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