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A-COLD-WALL* brings artisanship to Timberland in latest collaboration

Timberland has launched the second Future73 drop, this time, in collaboration with streetwear brand A-COLD-WALL*’s Founder and Designer Samuel Ross.

Timberland has kicked off a full year of 50th anniversary celebrations for its iconic six-inch yellow boot with the launch of Future73, inviting a team of six "future makers" to reimagine the boot.

Marking five decades of the original Timberland boot, the collective of creative and designers assembled for Future73 include Christopher Raeburn, Founder and Designer of RAEBURN, Samuel Ross, Founder and Designer of A-COLD-WALL*, and Edison Chen, actor turned creator and Founder of CLOT.

British designer Dr. Samuel Ross stayed true to the concept of his cult brand A-COLD-WALL*, which is renowned for its material investigation and innovation. The collection is rooted in the potential for function and ergonomics, where "techniques of the artisan are brought to the fore".

Samuel Ross, commented: "My earliest memories of Timberland go back some 20 years—to when I was a child traveling around the Caribbean, where my family is from, and seeing the brand’s influence on the culture. In places like Barbados and Saint Vincent there is a deep respect for heritage and ensuring the sanctity of craftsmanship. The opportunity to work on a project surrounding the anniversary of the 6-Inch Boot immediately pulled a heartstring."

Through Ross’ creative lens, the 6-Inch Boot is stripped back, revealing minimal lines and zip closure in a ‘Natural’ colourway. In addition, the 3-Eye Lug Handsewn Boat Shoe has been reimagined in black ballistic nylon complete with a co-branded logo.

As for the apparel capsule, the designer explored Timberland’s extensive archives to reappropriate never-before-seen pieces. The range is made up of a hunting parka, cargo shorts, an insulated vest, crewneck sweatshirts and a knitted sweater. The collection possesses all the utilitarian character and technical prowess that we have come to expect from A-COLD-WALL*.

Ross added: "All the designs have a level of resistance applied to them; it is less about making fashion items than it is about making exceptionally well-made goods to be worn as functional utility tools for the body."

The Timberland x Samuel Ross Future73 Collection will be released in two drops, in May and August. The first collection ranges from £190 to £800 and is available now at *A-COLD-WALL, and Timberland stores.


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