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  • Bethanie Ryder

Adidas and Moncler merge tech and luxury in NFT AI collaboration

Manifesting the future of collaboration, Adidas and Moncler’s latest NFT and AI-powered tie-up offers a lesson in how to leverage innovation, brand power, and co-creation through Web3. Photo: Adidas

Two of fashion’s most powerful behemoths are joining forces in Web3.

This week, sportswear titan Adidas announced that its Adidas Originals division will be teaming up with luxury heavyweight Moncler on a non-fungible token (NFT) project. The digital collectibles drop today (October 4) in tandem with a new artificial intelligence (AI) based campaign.

To mark the tie-up’s new high-low crossover, billed ‘The Art of Explorers,’ the pair turned their focus to machine-learning technology to generate a series of AI-enabled “adventurers.”

Designed to represent the shared symbol of outdoor discoverers, the concept was also brought to life in the form of mixed-media sculptures, crafted by creatives Gary Card, Ibby Njoya, and Kate Tabor.

A virtual experience has also been launched via Moncler’s dedicated website, further immersing audiences into the boundary-stretching adventure. Visitors are able to navigate through a metropolitan-inspired backdrop to unlock exclusive products, and make purchases via “digital billboards”.

Adidas and Moncler have teamed up once again on a tech-driven collaboration. Photo: Adidas

The project also taps into Adidas Originals’ robust NFT strategy. In addition to the AI-powered venture, the collaboration will also drop a limited-edition token collection featuring the Moncler x Adidas Originals ‘NMD’ boot, which goes on sale via Adidas’ Confirmed app today, and for the general public October 5.

When it comes to collaborations, Moncler is famed for marching to the beat of its own drum. For its ‘Genius’ Fall/Winter 2023 collection, the outerwear giant teamed up with eight designers, including Rick Owens, Palm Angels, and Salehe Bembury, across the fashion industry to reinterpret its classic house codes – the final installations were later showcased during a London Fashion Week event in February.

The brand also hasn’t shied away from the emerging virtual space. To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Moncler dropped 1,070 NFTs inspired by its signature Maya jacket, created by 3D artist Antoni Tudisco in October last year.

The new campaign features AI-generated mascots, alongside a limited-edition NFT collection. Photo: Adidas

With Adidas already having built up a much stronger identity in Web3, Moncler is in a favorable position to piggyback off of the sportswear label’s status to help boost its own digital presence. After all, with collaboration at the heart of Web3’s spirit, it’s no surprise that brands are opting to team up in the space.

Collabs continue to arrive aplenty offline, despite speculation of a bubble burst. But as Web3 evolves into a valuable bedfellow, it might also turn out to be the industry’s saving grace.


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