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  • Mike Hale

Adidas: Dreaming about sport

Sunglass models from Adidas’s new Sport collection, produced in collaboration with Marcolin, benefit from E-Sun Kolor Up lenses, which are said to enhance brightness contrast while delivering maximum UV protection and visual comfort.

According to Marcolin, the lenses provide detailed chromatic vision and increase visual precision by shielding and filtering UV rays and blue light through the E-Sun Kolor Up light management treatment. This technology reduces light intensity and is said to enhance the beauty of hues and produce improved colour sensitivity and contrast. This colour enhancement results from the contrast created between two tints.

Adidas's SP0031-H frame

One of the sunglass models to feature Kolor Up lenses is SP0031-H , a shield style that Marcolin says is all about performance and versatility. The vented frame is lightweight at 19g and constructed from TR90, a stress-resistant and durable material. Adjustable nose pads and new double-injection temples with rubber inserts offer added grip.


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