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Back in 2017, adidas launched its first sneaker featuring a 3D-printed midsole. Now the sportswear brand is once again harnessing the innovation of 3D printing technology by debuting an all-new eyewear frame built with the newest generation of 3D printers.

3D CMPT, as the frame is called, is made in collaboration with Marcolin Group (whose brand portfolio includes Tom Ford, Guess, Moncler, Timberland, and countless others), boasting a flexible nylon structure that has been treated with a special coating to give it a rubberized effect across the surface. Weighing in at just 20 grams — making it the lightest on the market — the one-piece frame draws immediate attention with its spiraling, textured build. Non-slip contact points on the nose pads and end tips are implemented not only to ensure a comfortable fit but also to improve stability no matter the movement. The design is made complete with an integrated spherical mirrored lens shield crafted from ultra-lightweight polycarbonate.

"In sport, and as in everyday life, the dynamic soul of the individual requires attention to detail. That attention and care have been translated into new shapes, weights, and volumes for sunglasses designed for game and playtime," adidas said in a press release.

Created with professional athletes in mind, but also made for the casual sportsperson, the 3D CMPT sunglasses will initially be available in matte black with brown and mirror silver lenses exclusively at during Creative Club Week for Club Members beginning August 23. Such innovation does come with a price, however, as the glasses will retail for $415.


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