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Adidas Sport Eyewear cycling glasses with an Italian accent

As a result of the collaboration with the Italian optical experts of Marcolin, their glasses for this autumn 2022 are designed with high-performance sports as a premise

adidas Sport Eyewear Marcolin SP0064

With a large visor to offer the maximum possible protection while remaining at the forefront of design, safety-locking hinged temples and adjustable pads, the SP0064, from the Marcolin collection, are perfect for competition and highly recommended for those who we practice cycling in a more recreational way.

Its light structure (43 grams) has ventilation holes between the temples and the front part that prevent fogging very effectively while creating a Venturi effect and reducing aerodynamic resistance . The size and design of its Toric lens adapts to the contours of the face for a perfect fit. The frame has adjustable pads that do not leave marks on the nose as soon as we adapt them to our morphology and its 3 sweat drainage bands prevent it from falling into your eyes .

In addition to the color that we show you in the main image you have these other four more in the adidas Sport Eyewear Marcolin SP006400


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