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Adidas Sport Eyewear – La Lunette De Soleil SP0059

While the summer of 2022 is marked by the European sports championships and the world championship, the brand with the three stripes is anticipating its new pair of Adidas SP0059 sunglasses which are perfectly suited to athletes and to each situation.

Sports Eyewear Sunglasses

SP0059 02S

Sometimes all it takes is a small final detail to style your look to perfection and what could be better than a nice pair of glasses? The SP0059 sunglasses from the Adidas Sport Eyewear collection not only make you want to put on your sneakers for a jog or a game of tennis. But it also gives this iconic look for a comfortable, chic and trendy sportswear style – thus allowing them to be worn during free time as well. This new pair of sunglasses restores the image of this influential and timeless brand that is Adidas – a label that has contributed to the emergence of the sportswear phenomenon for decades.

SP0059 02D

The innovative and sophisticated design makes them extremely versatile, without compromising maximum comfort guaranteed by the easily adjustable nose pads, the ends of the rubber temples, as well as the aerodynamic airflow holes ensuring air circulation at all times. . They are offered in different variants and lenses (mirror, polarized or KOLOR UP).


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