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  • Jakob Breitwieser

Adidas Sports Eyewear - New, lightweight sports glasses for every use

It doesn't matter whether you're running, biking or cross-country skiing, whether it's reflecting snow, glaring light or flying stones - you should always protect your eyes particularly well. Adidas Sport Eyewear is presenting its new multi-sport glasses, which are designed to look good in all situations. Here is the most important information about the three new models that complement the Adidas Sport Eyewear innovations from 2021 .

Adidas Sports Eyewear SP0054

The SP0054 weighs 31 grams and is said to be made for competition thanks to the wrap-around frame. Temples and nose pads are rubberized and have a metal core so that they can be adapted to any face shape. The temples have been redesigned to be even more comfortable and lighter. The new HDC (High Definition Contrast) lenses have been developed to improve color perception and contrast and reduce glare. This should enable athletes to be more efficient and safer on the road. Thanks to a quick-change system, the right glass types can be used as required.

Adidas Sports Eyewear SP0044

The half-cycle glasses, which are even lighter at 26 grams, have an anti-fog ventilation system with nine small, aerodynamic openings and a removable sweat guard. The temples are now double injection molded and should be adaptable to any face shape. A rubber coating and the adjustable nose pads should ensure perfect grip. Adidas calls their new coating "Super clear" - this should ensure easy cleaning and protection against dust, dirt, water or oil. The glasses are also available with photochromic vario lenses.

Adidas Sports Eyewear SP0041

The SP0041 comes with a flexible reverse semi-rim frame - the temples are adjustable and feature long rubber tips and non-slip contact points. This means that the glasses should sit optimally even under maximum loads. The anti-fog ventilation system is designed to prevent fogging. The toric lenses are interchangeable and can be adapted to the shape of the face. A clip-in system allows corrective lenses to be worn.


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