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So you probably enlist the help of adidas for all your retro sneaker needs, rotating selections of Sambas, Gazelles, and Superstars. But did you ever think that your next Three Stripes-provided obsession would be sunglasses? We didn’t either. It turns out that adidas has been quietly constructing one of the hottest sunglasses collections in town and we know one thing for sure: adidas sunglasses will be our futuristic wardrobe highlight this summer.

The last year has seen a definitive rise in the popularity of sports sunglasses. Perhaps it was Michael Jordan’s selection of futuristic shades in The Last Dance that set the stage for a revival, or maybe we all needed an antidote to fashion’s ever-growing obsession with retro style. Either way, it means that we’re going to be wearing a pair of mirrored, hyper-streamlined adidas sunglasses this year and we think you should too.

Depending on how deep you want to dive into the engineered world of sports sunglasses, there’s a style for you. From casual takes to all-out performance styles, we’ve rounded up the best adidas sunglasses to bring your accessory game into the 22nd century.


If you’re a glasses wearer you’ll certainly know the pain of fogging glasses whether it’s at the hands of your workout routine or a face mask. An aeration system ensures an anti-fog ride with the SP0018 which are super lightweight at just 25g.


One of our favorite aspects of sports sunglasses is the colored lenses. This pair of adidas sunglasses features super-light polycarbonate lenses with a pearlescent finish to complement the white and purple frames.

SP0025 SP0026

The SP0025 pair takes a versatile shape for those not looking to make a booming impact. A TR-90 frame makes them comfortable and durable while the polarized brown lenses offer classic style and UV protection.


Sitting somewhere between everyday style and technical sportswear, the SP0019 is a fair compromise for those wanting to test the sports-sunglasses waters. A visor lens covers both eyes to up the performance aesthetic.


Pastel pink lenses work in tandem with a transparent frame for a bold finish to the SP0002. The VARIO ROSE lenses are made from photochromic polycarbonate which ensures perfect vision in all weather conditions, adapting to changes in light.


Eschewing bright color schemes for a sleek, black finish, the SP0015 sunglasses feature a frame that connects only at the bridge and brown to leave the lens suspended around the eyes for better range of vision.


The adidas SP0001 was created with the idea that your sunglasses should be so good that you forgot that you’re wearing any. A 32g frame and curved lens as well as adjustable nose pads and arm tips ensure that this goal is reached.


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