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  • Luisa Zargani

Bally RTW Spring 2021

For spring, Bally developed a cohesive collection hinging on its expertise in treating leather.

“We’d like to be known as architects of leather,” Nicolas Girotto, chief executive officer of Bally, declared, planting a stake in the ground for the Swiss brand. “Direction and consistency are fundamental.”

To wit, the spring collection exalted its experience with the material for its accessories and apparel. Even a men’s double breasted-jacket, paired with pajama pants, boasted delicate leather piping details.

A women’s jacket with hammered buttons — a Bally signature now — had a Seventies vibe and was worn over a leather vest that was laser-cut and woven.

Leather was treated and shaped as a cage on totes and shoes, with a laser-engraved trompe l’oeil pattern — a testament to the ability of the artisans photographed by the company and displayed at Bally’s Milan boutique on Via Montenapoleone. These images will soon become part of a communication campaign in January, Girotto revealed.

A dress in Abraham silk nodded to Bally’s Swiss heritage, while the date of the company’s establishment, 1851, figured on canvas bags.

Nature is a central element for Bally, harking back to its ties to Mount Everest in 1947 when the luxury brand supplied the Swiss Expedition with custom, rubber-soled footwear. It was entirely in sync with the brand, then, to showcase its spring collection via a video filmed outdoors, with models posing in sun-kissed fields and under tree arches.


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