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BTS's V (Kim Taehyung) is welcomed by a massive crowd of enthusiastic fans at the CELINE store

in Tokyo, Japan

Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS, showcased his unreal visuals and massive popularity in Japan.

On August 23, Taehyung made his highly anticipated appearance at the grand reopening event of the CELINE Store on Omotesando Street in Tokyo, Japan, where he represented the brand as their global ambassador. Upon his arrival, Taehyung was met by a massive crowd of enthusiastic fans who had eagerly awaited his presence since the previous night. He greeted everyone with a warm smile and shook hands with those in close proximity to him.

Although no official announcement was made about Taehyung's attendance, news of his arrival in Japan spread like wildfire, leading to lines forming outside of CELINE shops in Tokyo.

Fans had eagerly awaited a chance to catch a glimpse of him, resulting in a long queue forming outside the store. Many had gathered at the store since the previous day, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

While inside the CELINE store, Taehyung conducted brief interviews with various media outlets, showcasing his dazzling visuals and charming personality.

"Hi ELLE Singapore! This is Celine Boy V, I'm very excited to be in Tokyo to celebrate Celine's Omotesando store re-opening together."

"ARMY, how are you doing? I'm in Tokyo right now. This time, I'm at the newly re-opened Celine store in Omotesando. It's very big, modern and spacious."

"Hello ELLE Thailand. To congratulate the opening of the new CELINE store, today I am in Omotesando, Japan. This place is very beautiful and amazing. I hope everyone will like it as I do. Someday, I will meet all of you and Thai Army."

Taehyung's massive popularity and ability to bring in huge crowds with just rumors of his appearance are a testament to his star power and huge global influence.


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