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BTS V's (Kim Taehyung) High Engagement Rate for CELINE ranks as a Top 5 Influencer Without Attending

Without Attending the 2023 Cannes Film Festival

Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS, has been noted for his exceptionally high engagement rate on Instagram by influencer ranking platforms such as HypeAuditor, SPEAKRJ, and SocialBook.

Since opening a personal account in December 2021, Taehyung's engagement rate has outperformed that of celebrities with 8-10 times more followers, proving the authenticity of his followers.

Lefty, an influencer marketing platform, recently released a report ranking the top celebrity influencers who had the most impact during the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Aside from the Film Festival, the ranking takes into account all luxury brand events held in the city of Cannes, including dinners and galas.

As stated in their methodology, the Lefty analysis is based solely on Instagram in-feed posts. It calculates Earned Media Value (EMV) by estimating the number of impressions each post receives based on the engagements.

The study compiled all brand-related posts made by each celebrity influencer in relation to Cannes and came up with the top influencer ranking based on EMV.

Expectedly, the top influencers were those who attended the Film Festival red carpet, which was the city's main event.

Taehyung did not attend the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, but he earned a spot in the top 5 influencer ranking based on the EMV of one post.

The Lefty report revealed that CELINE was the top brand in Cannes, based on EMV ranking. The brand's success is attributed to working with K-pop influencers.

To break down how CELINE achieved the highest EMV, Lefty compared the engagement rates of its top influencers.

Based on the analysis, Taehyung had the highest engagement rate, with 24.8%. His single post brought in 14.5 million EMV.

His commemorative post for the CELINE Cannes 2023 Dinner has now received over 14.7 million likes.

In comparison, other brand ambassadors had engagement rates of 8.1% or less but made multiple posts, resulting in a slightly higher combined EMV.

This ranking is a testament to Taehyung's massive influence. A single post of his can bring more value to a brand than influencers with a much higher follower count.


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