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  • Claudio Gervasoni

Casual sunglasses for sports: the adidas Sport Eyewear SP0059

Every year, when it comes to going on vacation, I have the dilemma of which and how many sunglasses to take with me . My luggage is usually very essential: very little casual clothing and then a couple of suits for running, a couple for cycling and a couple for hiking and trekking. And in the technical sports suits there would also be sunglasses, given the summer season and the need to protect the eyes : those for running, those for cycling and those to be used in moments of relaxation, in the city or on the beach. This year, however, I wanted to rationalize everything and bring only one pair of sunglasses , to be used while driving, on the beach, while running, while pedaling and while walking in the woods: the adidas Sport Eyewear SP0059.

Casual sunglasses for sports: the adidas Sport Eyewear SP0059

The adidas Sport Eyewear SP0059 have the classic square frame type "Wayfarer" and this already makes them suitable for different shapes of male and female face as well as to be used with casual wear when a design too technical for many would be out of place. But what interested me were other features more for sports use .

Meanwhile, the lightness, which when you have to keep them on your nose and ears for a few hours running or pedaling can really make a difference, and with just 23 grams of weight we are really in the field of technical frames.

Then there are the soft rubber nose pads , which means they fit the nose and most importantly do not slip with the sweat dripping from the face. The ends of the temples are also of the same material , thus adhering to the skull without squeezing or marking over the ears or irritating with sweat.

Finally, the lenses, which are really the most important thing in a pair of sunglasses you want to use for sports: they are polarized, which means they reduce reflections , especially horizontal ones, limiting unnatural contrasts and glare.

adidas Sport Eyewear SP0059: can be used for sports

So what can these adidas Sport Eyewear SP0059 be used for? Obviously in your free time, to drive, to walk, to stay on the beach and to sunbathe. But certainly also for running, for a hike or during a bike ride. Are they also good for actual cycling? It depends on your level of expectation: for cycle tourism certainly yes, also if you want to do real cycling, then you must be clear that the lenses are not photochromic.and therefore in the transitions from full light to shadow - as can happen when mountain biking, trail running or even gravel - they do not adapt by lightening or darkening as needed. Not that this is a mandatory aspect of a pair of sports glasses and the need depends a lot on the level of competition that you put into your activities, but it is good to know what you buy and what the equipment we use to practice outdoor sports can do. 'open.


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